Dutch Junior Open 2017 Day 2 -afternoon/evening sessions


Dutch Junior Open 2017 Day 2 -afternoon/evening sessions

A busy day with lots of top seeds falling. 

It was an exciting second day at the Dutch Junior Open here in Amsterdam! The afternoon session started with some five game thrillers. Abdallah Amr [3/4] needed five games to beat Jaivir Dhillon [9/12] 12-10 in the fifth to set up a semi-final meeting with Rowan Damming [1]. On the other side of the draw, Omar Azzam [13/16] who just won the Cologne Cup also needed five games to beat Jonah Bryant [9/12] to secure his semi-final spot against Rutva Samant [3/4].

The BU15 semis will feature three Indian players, and one player from England. Alhassan Khali [5/8] beat Simon Nagy [2] in three games while Kanhav Nanavati [9/12] beat the number [3/4] seed Ryan Cheng. Arnaav Sareen [17/24] also caused an upset by beating Nikhil Ismael [9/12] as his fellow Indian player Neel Joshi [1] was the only top seed through to the semis.

In the GU15 draw, both top seeds had though matches to reach the semi-finals. Serena Daniel [2] needed five games to beat Yoshna Singh [9/12] as there were also two upsets from England’s Torrie Malik [9/12] and Ananya Dabke [9/12] from India.

The BU17 third round was really exciting as they set up the quarter final matches for tomorrow. Keane Appleton [2] needed five games to beat Michael Greenwood [33/64]. George Crowne [3/4] also needed five games to beat Augusto Ortigosa Perez [13/16] as Daelum Mawji [3/4] won in three games.

The GU17 draw saw two Dutch girls reaching the semi-finals here in Amsterdam. Fleur Maas [1] beat Rosie Kirsch [33/42] 3-0 as Daniek Krukkert [5/8] came back from one game down to beat Jannia Singh [17/24]. Krukkert is playing Katie Maliff [5/8] who beat fellow English player Eve Coxon [3/4] as Maas will play India Stephenson [9/16] who won against Cristina Tartarone [3/4] from Italy.

The BU19 saw some big upsets as the number one seed from Denmark Magnus Laursen lost 14-12 in the fourth to Vikas Mehra [9/12] from India. Curtis Malik [17/24] saw himself victorious against Dutchman Thijs Roukens [3/4] as Charles Culhane [17/24] beat the number two seed from Canada Michael Mehl. Yali Shass [3/4] is the only seed through to the semi-finals beating Adrien Grasser [33/58] in four close games.

In the GU19 draw there were also some big upsets. Karina Tyma [1] from Poland is the only top seed through to the semis as there were two Dutch victories for Gabi Fritsche [9/12] and Megan van Drongelen [5/8]. Fritsche beat Marion Romba [13/16] 3-0 as van Drongelen found herself 2-0 up against Sara Nagy [2] but had to fight hard to win the match in five games. Eve Driver from England booked the last semi-final spot as she beat Johanna Pigeat from France.

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