Round Up Day 3: DPD Dutch Junior Open 2018


Round Up Day 3: DPD Dutch Junior Open 2018

Day Three was a big day for many players. The semi-final day promised to be a day with very close matches. Close to the end of the tournament anything can happen and this is the stage where nobody likes to lose.

In the Girls Under 19 it was Alina Bushma who shattered Dutch hopes, by winning against Fleur Maas 3-1. There she will face Nadiia Usenko who managed to win in four long games

Marta Domingues managed to get in the final in the Girls under 17. She beat Marie-Amelie Callebaut relatively easy in three short games. In the final will play against Margot Prow, causing upset after upset this tournament. Will she be able to continue her winning streak and beat Marta in the Final?

Maxwel Velazquez, had a tough match against the popular englishman Jack Mitterer. Despite the loud cheering from the english supporters, Jack could not manage to pull out a win against Maxwell Velazquez. After four close games it was Max who came out as the winner. Velazquez will play against the Neel Joshi, who played a very solid match against “Ollie” Green, by winning in straight games.

Congratulations to all players who reached the final of the DPD Dutch Junior Open 2018.

Tomorrow all final matches (except under 11) will be played on Court 21 (Livestreaming Court) in the following order:

09:00 Girls under 13 Kaavya Bansal [3/4] - Nour Khafagy [3/4]

09:45     Boys under 13 Abdallah Eissa [13/16] - Juan Jose Torres Lara [9/12]

10:30     Girls under 15 Malak Khafagy [3/4] - Nardine Sameh Garas [3/4]

11:15     Boys under 15 Jonah Bryant [9/12] Mohamed Ismail [9/12]

12:00     Girls under 17 Margot Prow [17/24] - Marta Dominguez [3/4]

12:45     Boys under 17 Maxwell Velazquez [13/16] - Neel Joshi [2]

13:30     Girls under 19 Nadiia Usenko [1] - Alina Bushma [5/8]

14:15     Boys under 19 Lewis Anderson [25/32] Ivan Perez [2]

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