England and Ukraine claim titles in Under 19: DPD Dutch Junior Open 2018


England and Ukraine claim titles in Under 19: DPD Dutch Junior Open 2018

The last day of the tournament promised to be very exciting. However this day was more than very exciting. With an exhilarating set of finals.The finals of the Under 13 untill Under 19 were all scheduled on the livestream court, but because players were so evenly levelled, the tournament ended 90 minutes later dan scheduled.

Alina Bushma came short in the G19 final against her compatriot Nadiia Usenko (PSA 92). After an intense battle in four games. This was just the second title this season after winning the Belgian Open earlier this year.

Lewis Anderson claimed his first tournament in victory in B19 against the second seed Ivan Perez, who had to cancel his early flight with getting to the final unexpectedly. Both players gave their all and it showed on court. Supported by a lot of fans Lewis managed to pull out a 3-1 victory.

The organisation likes to thank all players, coaches, parents and supporters. Special thanks tot he sponsors, and tournament organisation. Tournament Director Tom Lucas: “I am beyond exhausted, but it was all worth it. Thanks everyone for making it such an amazing event. Without everyones effort, this would not be possible. I hope to see you all next year!”

Click here to see all the winners, runners-up and third place winners. Congratulations to all winners

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