DPD DJO19: Register now!


DPD DJO19: Register now!

Today we opened the entry for the DPD Dutch Junior Open 2018. The tournament from the 11th  until the 14th july will be held in the Frans Otten Stadion in Amsterdam. There are two ways to enter for the DPD Dutch Junior Open (#DPDDJO). Individually or throughout a national federation (groups entry). 

Link for individual entry: https://esf.tournamentsoftware.com/sport/tournament.aspx?id=FECD50FD-3EA0-4C3B-A4F5-662214067DE8 


How to enter for the DPD Dutch Junior Open 2019

How to enter for the Dutch Junior Open 2019
Step 1: Become a member of the European Squash Federation/World Squash Federation. (ESID-number, formerly SPIN-number) https://www.europeansquash.com/page/25661/ESID
Step 2: Log in with your ESF account at esf.tournamentsoftware.com
Step 3: Enter for the DJO and choose your package
Step 4: Fill in all the necessary information.
Step 5: Finalize the payment throughout Paypal or Credit card
Step 6: You will receive a an e-mail of confirmation
Step 7: You completed the registration for the Dutch Junior Open 2019

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