Round up Day 2 DPD Dutch Junior Open 2019


Round up Day 2 DPD Dutch Junior Open 2019

The second day of the DPD Dutch Junior Open has ended with a close match 3-2 between James Flynn and Sam Todd.  It has been an exciting day with most of the quarter finals. With 409 matches on the second day the tournament is already half way trough. In the BU19, Ivan Perez and Lewis Anderson didn’t manage to reach the semis. Both finalists of 2018 lost in the quarters, which proves the level of the participants this year’s DPD Dutch Junior Open.

The USA, England, Egypt and India are doing great jobs and have claimed most of the spots in the semifinals.  The countries and coaches can be proud of the achievements. After a season of hard work this event of the European Junior Tour is literally the final of the season.

Tomorrow promises to be another great day full of exciting quarter- and semifinals. All matches on Centre Court can be followed via our livestream and on our social media channels Facebook and Twitter. Can’t you get enough off all the squash? We have just published the first item of Two minutes with. In this first edition we speak with Sam Todd about participating at this edition of the DPD Dutch Junior Open. Check this out on our Facebook!

Thanks for everyone for the second day, have a good night and we’ll see you tomorrow on the third day of the tournament.

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