Round up day 3: All England boys B19. Dutch hopes in G19


Round up day 3: All England boys B19. Dutch hopes in G19

Day Three was a big day for many players. The semi-final day promised to be a day with very close matches. Close to the end of the tournament anything can happen and this is the stage where nobody likes to lose.

In the Girls Under 19 it was Fleur Maas who just managed to win over last years G17 winner Margot Prow  (3-2).  Meanwhile Alice Green shocked number one seed Alina Bushma bby winning 3-1. 

The B19 will be an all England final, after Sam Todd crushed his fellow countrymen Ben Smith within 32 minutes. In the final Todd will meet Max Forster who managed to win against the surprising shotmaker Manuel Paquemar (3-1)

We would like to report all finals but there were simply to many. If you would like to look at the results of day 3. Click here.

Congratulations to all players who reached the final of the DPD Dutch Junior Open 2019.


Tomorrow all final matches (except under 11) will be played on Court 21 (Livestreaming Court) in the following order:


09:00 Girls under 13  Lauren Baltayan [5/8] - Anahat Singh [2]

09:45     Boys under 13 Luhann Groenewald [1] - Alexander Broadbridge [3/4]

10:30     Girls under 15  Nour Harfoush [9/16] - Jhansi Bhavsar [5/8]

11:15     Boys under 15  Rowan Damming [1] - Paarth Ambani [5/8]

12:00     Girls under 17  Franka Vidovic [5/8] - Malak Khafagy [9/16]

12:45     Boys under 17  Neel Joshi [5/8] - Hassan Khalil [5/8]

13:30     Girls under 19  Alice Green [3/4] - Fleur Maas [2]

14:20     Boys under 19 Max Forster [5/8] - Sam Todd [3/4]

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