Online entry

Registration for the Dutch Junior Open can only be done online. 

CLICK HERE (doc) to find the invitation letter for the Dutch Junior Open 2019


Individual Online Entry:



Group Entry (MNA Only, Only Federations) Link will follow


Are you encountering difficulties registering for the Dutch Junior Open?

Please download our manual. (download PDF)


How to enter for the Dutch Junior Open 2019
Step 1: Become a member of the European Squash Federation/World Squash Federation. (ESID-number, formerly SPIN-number)

Step 2: Log in with your ESF account at
Step 3: Enter for the DJO and choose your package
Step 4: Fill in all the necessary information.
Step 5: Finalize the payment throughout Paypal or Credit card
Step 6: You will receive a an e-mail of confirmation
Step 7: You completed the registration for the Dutch Junior Open 2019