Download here how to enter for de Dutch Junior Open!

Where can I find all the information about DJO 2018?

All information can be found online at www.djosquash.nl, social media @DutchJuniorOpen FB: DJOSQUASH

Can I book a practice court before the tournament?

This is possible directly with the venue Frans Otten Stadium: http://fransottenstadion.nl/squash

Kevin de Visser, kevin@fransottenstadion.nl, +31 20 66 28 77

Is there transport from the airport to the hotel?

Van der Valk provides a shuttle service between Schiphol airport and the Van der Valk A4 hotel. Times can be found online at www.hotelschiphol.nl/en/amenities/shuttle-service/ and in the menu under Transport.

How do I travel from the hotel to the venue (and back)?

There will be a bus shuttle service between the venue and the hotel during the tournament. All times can be found online under Transport, all schedules will also be put up at the venue. Make sure you are at the bus stop on time, all buses will leave at the schedule times.

It is also possible to go by car. There is a parking underneath the FOS venue. Coins needed to leave the parking lot can be bought at the FOS counter, not at the tournament desk.

How do I apply for a VISA?

If players need to apply for a visa they need an invitation letter from the Dutch Junior Open. Players can acquire an invitation letter on request.

Please take the following guidelines in to account when visas are needed:

·       Before applying for an invitation letter player must register for entry of the Dutch Junior Open 2018.

·       Before an invitation letter is send payment must have been received.

·       Before an invitation letter is send the organization must receive the following necessary information:

o   Full Name:

o   Date of Birth (DD-MM-YY):

o   Place of Birth:

o   Passport number:

o   Date of Expiry:

o   Date of arrival:

o   Date of departure:

·       Receiving an invitation letter from the Dutch Junior Open can take up to 5 working days after registration, payment and necessary information are received.
·       Acquiring of the visa is the responsibility of the players. If the visa gets denied after the entry deadline players will only be able to get a refund according to the rules for cancellations as written above.