Round up day 1 DPD Dutch Junior Open 2019


Round up day 1 DPD Dutch Junior Open 2019

Day 1 has finished, so it’s time to look back on the first day of the DPD Dutch Junior Open 2019. With 528 participants With a number of 528 young and talented players the schedule was tight and a lot of great matches have been played on the twenty-one courts of the Frans Otten stadium. Although a few matches were really close, not many great upsets happened on day one.

Tom Lucas, tournament director, looks back on a good day: “It was a good start of the tournament, glad to see coaches and players coming to Dutch Junior Open for many years already. And I’m also happy to meet all the new faces. The first day is completed and looking forward for the next three days to come. 


One thing I would like to say a note to coaches and players. We encourage fair play, good sportsmanship and good behavior. Unfortunately we have seen that players will not come to referee after their match. This is unfair for your opponent but also unrespectful for your fellow squash players. You don't want your game to be without a referee so please don't do this to others.”


On Friday the first matches will start at 09:00 AM and can be followed via our livestream and social media. Check for more information, the latest updates and pictures from the DPD Dutch Junior Open ’19 our Facebookpage.

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