Dutch Junior Open: Register now!


Dutch Junior Open: Register now!

Today we opened the entry for the Dutch Junior Open 2020. The tournament from the 09th  until the 12th july will be held in the Frans Otten Stadion in Amsterdam. There are two ways to enter for the DPD Dutch Junior Open (#DJO2020). Individually or throughout a national federation (groups entry). 

Link for individual entry: https://esf.tournamentsoftware.com/sport/tournament?id=E8509773-1570-4397-8F6A-0CCE922E83FB 

More information about the Dutch Junior Open?

Registration for the Dutch Junior Open can only be done online. 

CLICK HERE (doc) to find the invitation letter for the Dutch Junior Open 2019

Group Entry (MNA Only, please e-mail to events@squashbond.nl)


Are you encountering difficulties registering for the Dutch Junior Open?

Please download our manual. (download PDF)

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