De Drie Gouden Tips van Ken Flynn


De Drie Gouden Tips van Ken Flynn

De eerste speeldag van de SBN Competitie seizoen 2020-2021 is al op vrijdag 4 september. Tijd om je klaar te maken voor het aankomend (competitie)seizoen. Om je opweg te helpen in je voorbereiding, hebben wij tot aan de start van de competitie wekelijks een andere prof/coach vragen naar zijn of haar gouden tips op een specifiek gebied van het spel.  Deze week krijgen wij drie gouden tips in de engels taal geschreven van de bondscoach van het Nederlands team Ken Flynn

Gouden Tip #1: Plan to play well – Good preparation will offer opportunities!!

Get FIT to play squash not PLAY squash to get fit. Start your preparations four to six weeks before league or tournament matches. During the early phase of training you should do lots of on-court routines and off-court aerobic fitness work.

Introduce weights later to strengthen the legs. Include some upper body weights also to balance the body. Following this a lot of restricted games and normal games to sharpen up are recommended with some ghosting sessions included.


Golden tip #2: Mental Preparation!!

Goals are essential and having a clear PLAN how you want to play tactically in your matches is critical.

  • Focus on Length
  • Take the ball early / Look to volley
  • Look to control the T
  • Attack when openings arise


Every shot should have a purpose and is equally important, so give it your fullest concentration. Be patient in your practice matches if things are not perfect, just be prepared to perform well when it matters, in competition!


Golden Tip #3: Be aware of your strengths and vulnerabilities!!

We are all different in some way and being aware of our strengths and vulnerabilities is very important. With this in-mind prepare a Game Plan and stubbornly try to not deviate away from this plan unless you have tried 100% and it’s not working!


If fitness is lacking, then consider varying the tempo of play, use good height under pressure to create time & restrict your opponent attacking. If speed & movement are lacking, don’t play many cross-courts unnecessarily, lots of straight drives, volleys and drops.



Thanks Ken!

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