City of Amsterdam

Let us welcome you to Amsterdam, a place of many inspiring and surprising faces. No other city mixes cosmopolitan stye and relaxed atmosphere quite like Amsterdam, where our hospitable nature attracts an excitingly diverse population. We invite you to joing us and make our metropolis your own during your stay.

Whether admiring the Golden Age gabled merchants' houses of the old city center or marvelling at the sleek skylines of the new Zuidas and harbor areas, you will see that the people of Amsterdam pride themselves on the city's rich history while keeping focues on the future. Creative energy and innovation abound, strenghtening and inspiring the established international business community.

Amsterdam has a long and impressive sporting tradition. In 1928 the city hosted the Olympic Games. The recently renovated Olympic Stadion is a lasting legacy of the event, and only a few minutes walk away form the DJO 2017 venue. 

More recently the city has hoted numerous major sporting events. In 2010 Amsterdam hosted the start of the Giro d'Italia. With 35,000 participants, the annual Amsterdam marathon is one of the largest marathons in Europe. In 2016 Amsterdam organized the European Athletics Championships. In addition, the city has witnessed the many successes of Amsterdam-based football club Ajax, both nationally and internationally.