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Rijksweg A4  no: 3

2132 MA Hoofddorp – Schiphol


IJsbaanpad 12

1076 CV Amsterdam


Van der Valk

The Van Der Valk Schiphol hotel is a modern hotel close to airport Schiphol and only 15-20 minutes from the venue of the Dutch Junior Open. The free shuttle service provided by Van der Valk will take visitors from and to Schiphol. The hotel has a modern welness centre, luxury gym and indoor swimming pool.

Breakfast will be served daily in the hotel restaurant from 5 am until 11 am. Besides the breakfast Van Der Valk has a restaurant and multiple hotelbars.

The hotel has various rooms (single and double). For the Dutch Junior Open the majority of the rooms will be single rooms and luxury standard rooms (double rooms). For more information about the rooms and facilities of the hotel can be found at their website:

Contact information

Hotel van der Valk Schiphol

+31 25 26 75 335