Online entry

Registration for the Dutch Junior Open can only be done online. 

CLICK HERE (doc) to find the invitation letter for the Dutch Junior Open 2019


Individual Online Entry: 


Group Entry (MNA Only, please e-mail to


Are you encountering difficulties registering for the Dutch Junior Open?

Please download our manual. (download PDF)


How to enter for the Dutch Junior Open 2020
Step 1: Register for a ESF ESID account. (ESID-number)


Step 1.1: If you cannot find your ESID number please take the following steps:


Please go to and search the name of your player, as shown below. 



If a player doesn’t appear then they don't have an ESID, then they need to register here before following the next steps :


Step 2: Log in with your ESF ESID account at
Step 3: Enter for the DJO and choose your package
Step 4: Fill in all the necessary information.
Step 5: Finalize the payment throughout Paypal or Credit card
Step 6: You will receive a an e-mail of confirmation
Step 7: You completed the registration for the Dutch Junior Open 2020


If there are any questions please get in touch with